Happy New Year!

Where does the time go???  Even though we've been quiet, Matt and Sue have been busy with Knit it Now. 

Our heads have been down developing content for the site ... yes, more patterns, but also "how to" content.  We can't wait to reveal some of the great tutorials that we will include with Knit it Now! 

The web allows us to do things that were never possible before. When producing books in the early days of word processing (or even on typewriters) early pattern and technique writers were limited in space.  Abbreviations were used liberally to save space (and printing costs).  Photos were in black and white....

Now quality content can be offered with hyperlinks, videos, color, interactive pages and more!  We promise that you will never see an instruction like "k2tog, k1, yo, psso, repeat". Not only will we spell things out, but we will have links to instructions on the site for even the most basic techniques.  No more fumbling through a book to find the glossary, or digging through your reference library to "crack the code".

Stay tuned ... we've surfaced from development land (and holiday festivities)! 


Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 01/11/2010 at 8:54 PM | Categories: General Info -


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