Hand Knitting Yarn on the Machine

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 02/14/2014 at 5:21 AM | Categories:


Brenda Rueb

Brenda Rueb wrote on 02/19/14 10:09 AM

Sue, do you have any tips for how to easily feed hand knit yarn to the machine? Seems like I'm spending more time unwinding the ball than knitting! Help? ~~~~~~ The best way to ensure a continuous flow of yarn to your machine is to re-wind skeins and hanks with a ball winder. You can also create center-pull balls by hand. Yes, it takes a bit of time, but having the yarn prepared can save headaches when knitting. ~~~~~~~~~~Sue
Morag Walker

Morag Walker wrote on 02/22/14 3:08 PM

Hello Sue do you have tips on how to read a chart for the machine knitting? I have to show a friend but don't know where to start. Thank you for any help you can give.
~~~ Please take a look at our ebook "Stitch Symbols Unraveled for Machine Knitters" It includes over 2 dozen stitches with clear illustrations from both the knit and purl side, plus sample charts and tips written specifically for machine knitters. ~~~~Sue

Linda wrote on 03/02/14 1:47 PM

I just got my standard knitting machine and want to practice. I am confused about what kind of inexpensive yarn I should buy to practice. Is there anyway to get very small samples of cone yarn so that someone like me who knows nothing about cone yarn can "feel" and compare so that I know what to buy? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Linda! Part of the learning curve for machine knitting (and knitting in general) is learning about yarn and establishing your preferences. But when you are first starting out, you want to make things easy on yourself. For your standard machine, I recommend Tamm 3 Ply http://www.knititnow.com/store/product/163/tamm-ply/ConeDetails This yarn is approx 2,564 yards per pound - a perfect weight for your standard machine. It comes in lots of fun colors and is under $20 per pound! (that's about $2 for a 50 gram ball, if you are a hand knitter) Because the yarn knits best in the middle of your tension dial, you can play with tensions and get a feel for a looser or tighter tension and the resulting fabric. The yarn is washable and durable ...you can knit and rip without it falling apart. __________ I'd recommend most of the Tamm line for beginners - good quality, low price! http://www.knititnow.com/store/vendor/3/tamm-yarns Keep in mind any yarn that is approx 2,000 yards per pound would be best for your gauge of machine. For example, Petit http://www.knititnow.com/store/product/172/tamm-petit/ConeDetails is approx 8,100 yards per pound and would need to be double or triple stranded for best results ... not pleasant for someone who is just getting started. Nordic http://www.knititnow.com/store/product/171/tamm-nordic-worsted-weight/ConeDetails is too heavy for your machine. Perle is cotton http://www.knititnow.com/store/product/173/tamm-perle/ConeDetails You may LOVE cotton, but it has no stretch and will make things harder when you are just starting out. Tamm has color cards with small samples of each yarn in their line so you can see the actual colors and the texture of each yarn. (Look for the button "Buy color cards") Hope this helps! ~~~~~ Sue

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