Get in Shape - Compare shaping methods

There are many methods for creating shaped knitted pieces. To reduce the number of stitches in work (an armhole, for example) knitters use binding off, decreasing and short row shaping. Get comfortable with each of these methods and apply them to your next project for a perfect finish!
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Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 06/13/2013 at 5:24 AM | Categories: Machine Knitting Tutorials -



Rosemary wrote on 06/13/13 10:12 AM

13 June, 2013 --shaping methods finishing for necks and armholes. I really like the way you have combined the the video with the chart, then showed the process and finished product. Thanks!!!

Rorie wrote on 07/01/13 11:34 PM

Good videos. It was exactly what I needed at this time. I was a bit embarrassed to realize how simple it was to do a gate post bind-off and continue working. (I'd some how gotten it set in my mind that I needed to pull my yarn end through, thus I only ever used it at the very end.)

Lesley wrote on 04/23/15 1:50 AM

I have learnt so much here. I thought I knew how to do this but this makes it look so much easier. Thank you so much.

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