Hacking a knitting pattern - add your own touches to the basics

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Knit it Now Basics - Sideways Cardigan "Sycamore Cardigan"


Yeoman "Grigna"

Yeoman Grigna yarn on cones

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For each sweater front, instead of working the neckline shaping, knit straight add some width, then  bind off. This creates a waterfall front edge.

Sideways knit machine knitting pattern

Crochet back hem and cuffs

Round 1: *Sc, ch* across edge. Join with a sl st to form round

Round 2:*Ch 3, sc in ch of the row below* repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st.

Round 3: *Ch 3 sc in loop of previous round* Repat from * to * around.

Repeat Round 3 for desired length of hem an cuff.

Steam and press crochet edge well.

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