A knitters best friend - Duplicate Stitch

Duplicate stitch is an embroidery technique that has many uses in knitting.
  • Embillish a garment
  • Make Repairs
  • Quickly and Easily add color
      A little practice is all it takes!
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Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 01/26/2012 at 2:43 AM | Categories: Machine Knitting Tutorials -


Eileen Ferrero

Eileen Ferrero wrote on 01/26/12 8:46 AM

Marian Reynolds told us at a Seminar to make a swatch in the same gauge as you will duplcate stitch on and steam it. Then unravel it and the wrinkles in the yarn will be the right amount of yarn you need for each duplicate stitch. It works like a charm to get nice even duplicate stiches.
Karen Kuranda

Karen Kuranda wrote on 01/26/12 9:35 AM

Use duplicate stitch to add more colors to double bed jacquard or fairisle patterns.

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