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I am the board president of The MoonCatcher Project. This project makes reusable, washable menstrual pads for girls in poor communities around the world to help them stay in school. Without these pads girls stay at home during their periods and when they fall too fall behind in their studies they often drop out of school. We make pads that can be worn without underwear because for many of these girls underwear is a luxury they cannot afford.

Part of our strategy is to support sewing and knitting groups in these countries. These groups make many of our pads thus giving women employment to support themselves and their children.
 We buy sewing machines and all the necessary supplies needed to set up small sewing businesses. The sewing/knitting collective in Jinja Uganda also makes uniforms for schools in that area. Believe it or not, even with weather that we think of as being really warm, these students wear sweaters and vests for part of the year. The Jinja group now has a knitting machine and has started to learn how to make those items but is having a very hard time finding yarn.

..... I'd really appreciate your asking your friends and followers if they have yarn that they could donate or sell inexpensively enough so that we can help these African women.

I am attaching some pictures. These amazing woman have captured my heart. I have worked and laughed with them and have met their families. They are amazing resilient women that always seem to be smiling in spite of the hardships they often endure.

Please contact:

Ellie Von Wellsheim



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Wanda Molnar

Wanda Molnar wrote on 05/12/16 6:59 AM

Where do we send the yarn? Does it need to be cotton or will acrylic work? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please contact Ellie Von Wellsheim www.mooncatcher.org tmp@mooncatcher.org

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