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Cut n sew neckband

The Cut ‘n Sew method of shaping is very useful for machine knitters.  (I've often wondered why it isn't called Sew and Cut)

  • Don’t like to shape necklines? Use cut ‘n sew!
  • Knitting in pattern, or lace? Who wants to be shaping and doing hand manipulation at the same time? Use cut ‘n sew!
  • Prefer to knit yardage, then use a sewing pattern to create your garment? You are using cut ‘n sew!
  • The techniques shown can be used for other shaped edges as well. For example, match a shaped armhole to a cut ‘n sew neckline on a vest

The Knit it Now Learning Library has a new class! Included are step by step instructions for necklines, PLUS printable templates for round necklines in adult and children's sizes, PLUS many band variations.

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 08/18/2010 at 8:43 PM | Categories:


Dawn Waldman

Dawn Waldman wrote on 09/16/10 9:59 PM

Hi Sue, It was your cut 'n sew e-mail that got my attention. I've become a member of your Knit it Now and am now trying to figure out which level to use- credits or subscription. Thanks for doing this! All the best, Dawn
Sue Jalowiec

Sue Jalowiec wrote on 09/17/10 8:13 AM

Dawn, Thank you for your support! Credits are used to purchase patterns in the Dynamic pattern library. A subscription gives you full access to the Learning Library for a year.

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