RAIL - Closeout Designer Yarn

Rail is a novelty ribbon yarn used by designers for trims, in combination with other yarns, or used entirely by itself to create uniquely glamorous garments. Click here to see the available colors and to order your yarn


Click to watch the 3 minute video
and see this yarn in action


  1. Send a SASE (self addressed, stamped envelope) with 2 stamps

  2. Send to:
    Knit it Now
    4456 N. Abbe Rd. #128
    Sheffield Vlg, OH 44054
  3. Generous sample of Rail yarn will be mailed after 8/22/12

Click here to see the available colors and to order your yarn

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 08/13/2012 at 11:05 AM | Categories: Yarn on Cones -


Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown wrote on 08/14/12 11:14 PM

Hi Sue, Duh, I figured the difference in the prices. 1.25# at 28.88 is 36.10. I would love to get the buttercup too, but I'll have to settle for the fusha. When you say the right color would make it pop what are you thinking? Carmel and pea soup green should go with the buttercup. My daughter likes those colors, not exactly mine. Do you think crochet thread might work for a second color and keep it somewhat open. When using a second yarn do you put it in feeder "B" or just strand it with the rail in feeder "A".
Sue Jalowiec

Sue Jalowiec wrote on 08/15/12 9:31 PM

I put each yarn through a separate mast tension guide and take up spring, but put them together in the same feeder. It seemed to work best that way. They sky is the limit on mixing colors and companion yarn weights!

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