Books to Inspire by Jodie Raymond

Well known, long time machine knitter, Jodie Raymond traveled extensively sharing her knowledge of machine knitting. Known for her excellent finishing work and her clear instructions, Jodi authored 17 books in her long career.

Knit it Now is honored to have purchased the publishing rights her books and is including her work in tutorials and patterns.

Purchase your copy of these detailed books in eBook format in the Knit it Now Pattern Library.

Collection Includes:

  • A Shirt for All Seasons
  • After Five Easy Elegance
  • Crochet Trims for Knits

  • Jodi's Favorite Demos Vol 1
  • Jodi's Favorite Demos Vol 2
  • Let's Knit Some Blouses
  • Let's Knit Some Jackets
  • Let's Knit Some Skirts
  • Let's Knit Some Slacks
  • Signature Hats and Caps
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