Backwards and upside down - circular bind off

Tubular knitting is an easy technique and has lots of possibilities, but . . . . how do you bind off?

Think about it ... maybe you normally use a round-the-gatepeg bind off, and you start on the right side of the main bed. What happens when it comes time to bind off the ribber stitches ... ever try working backwards and upside down on the ribber?
To bind off circular knitting, knit a few rows of waste yarn and drop the work from the machine. Then you have some better bind off choices:

  1. pick up the garment stitches on a circular knitting needle and work any hand knitting bind off of your choice
  2. Work a sewn bind off similar to the one shown HERE
  3. Knit the last row of your garment yarn very loosely, remove the work on waste yarn, then work a stitch-through-stitch bind off with your latch tool

Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 06/10/2013 at 4:33 AM | Categories: Machine Knitting Tutorials -


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