Fusion Acrylic Cotton 1800 YPP on the bulky?

Talking with a customer today, she asked if I had tried the Acrylic Cotton on the bulky machine. My knee-jerk reaction was that the yarn was too fine for the bulky. But Judy persisted and I promised I'd give it at try.   

I have to admit, my bulky hasn't seen the light of day for quite a long time ...

Cranked the tension down to 2 and started knitting ... not bad ... but this yarn is 50% cotton and it shrinks .... hmmmm..... what about tuck?

I worked a simple 1x1 tuck every 3 rows, knit a bit more plain stockinette and bound off the edge.

In my laundry room, the torture test is warm water wash in a lingerie bag with jeans or towels and a hot dryer. As I discovered with the standard gauge garment I knit, the yarn shrinks considerably in length. The stockinette is a bit loose, but nice for summer wear ... the tuck is fabulous!

Mid-gauge knitters take note .... the top images shows difference between a 4.5mm pitch machine and a 9mm machine ... any pitch between these will give excellent results!

Watch a short video about
this great "everyday" yarn.

Acrylic/Cotton on the bulky machine? Who whould have thought? It's beautiful!

Yeoman Acrylic Cotton on the bulky knitting machine

Yeoman Acrylic Cotton on the bulky< knitting machine

Yeoman Acrylic Cotton on the bulky knitting machine
Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 03/21/2013 at 7:33 AM | Categories: Yarn on Cones -



Jeannie wrote on 03/26/13 6:30 AM

This looks great, Sue. I'm seeing sweaters in Paris at all price points using an obvious tuck stitch. I'm confused about your stitch pattern. What do you mean by 1X1 every three rows? Why don't you have another conference this fall? Or even a yarn sale? I really miss your events.

Sue wrote on 03/26/13 7:38 AM

I pulled every other needle to tuck and knit 2 rows. Then pulled the opposite needles (EON) and knit 2 rows. Simple, but effective!

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