4 ways to tame slippery yarns

Have you ever  started working with a cone of yarn to find it morphed into a pool of yarn on the floor?  It catches and tangles as you knit, creating uneven tension or even worse it breaks as you knit?

Try this:

  1. Set the cone on top of the plastic bag it came in.  Scrunch the bag down and make sure there is some plastic between the bottom of the cone and the floor.
  2. Try yarn bras. Stretch mesh tubes are available in yarn stores, consider using mesh vegetable bags
  3. Nylon stockings.  Slip a stocking over the cone to keep the yarn in place (hmmmm....I haven't even seen stockings in years ....)
  4. Compression bandages.  Folks in the medical profession might have the true name for this product - it's a soft, stretchy tube that comes in various sizes.
Keep in mind that anything that constricts the flow of the yarn may impact your gauge, so swatch with your yarn bra!




Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 04/16/2012 at 1:54 PM | Categories: Machine Knitting Tools and Accessories -


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