3 Methods for Adjusting Sleeve Lengths

One of the more common questions from knitters is "How can I shorten/lengthen tapered sleeves?"  I've heard hand knitters say that they just "fudge" the increases as they go, but I've often wondered how they get both sleeves the same.... (silly me).

If "fudging" isn't your idea of fun, here are 3 ways to get perfectly shaped sleeves that are the right length for you.

adjusting knitted sleeve lengths

Use a pencil, paper, calculator and the Magic Formula. (and practice your 4th grade math)


knitting magic formula tutorial



Knit it Now Magic Formula Tool

Use the FREE Knit it Now Tools to calculate your knitting instructions.

Enter your measurements ... 4 steps and no math!

Knit it Now knitting tools

Knitting Magic Formula Tool


Use the Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns.  

Now included is a link within your pattern. Enter your desired sleeve length .. one click and get knitting!


Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns


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