2 yarn ends for a marled fabric

Using a yarn twister gives unexpected results.The swatch shows 2 strands of 2/18 Merino. We ran the 2 strands together in a full needle rib fabric and it produced stripes .... then ... we twisted the same 2 strands and the effect is fabulous!

Both vintage and new yarn twisters are available and are worth the investment.In addition to making marled fabric, you can use up skinny yarns in your stash, plus twist strands of different dye lots.
Posted by Sue Jalowiec on 08/15/2013 at 6:33 AM | Categories:



Jana wrote on 08/19/13 7:28 AM

I was just looking for one online yesterday and the best deal I saw was for approx. $70USD. Do you have a recommendation for where to obtain one? How much do they twist at a time, yardage wise? Can this be done with a spinning wheel as well? Thanks.
Francine Garb

Francine Garb wrote on 08/24/13 5:01 PM

Where do you get a yarn twister? I never found a good one. Francine Garb

Sue wrote on 08/26/13 7:15 AM

You can find excellent quality, brand new twisters here: http://www.kriskrafter.com/kryatw1.html

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